Thursday, 26 May 2011

We apologise for the slight delay in proceedings.

So once again, I've managed to claim a tiny slice of the web before promptly abandoning it within the space of weeks. The story of my life.

Having said that, I'm actually not quite sure why it happens. I regularly lie awake at night with thoughts racing through my head, wishing that I had somewhere to vent and type it all out but lately, for some unknown reason it has been happening more and more. Queue the resurrection of plustwentyone.

In keeping with tradition (if you can call two previous posts that), my new posts will more than likely consist of ramblings, observations and anything else that I may be able to glean from daily life.

They may be dull or even mildly entertaining but I can promise you that they certainly won't change the world.

Many thanks to those of you that hung around and stuck with me during the break in transmission - say hi and give me a heads up in the comments!