Friday, 27 January 2012

The move.

On Thursday 12th January 2012, myself and Adam moved into our first home together. Adam having more energy than a kitten on speed, managed to unpack and furnish the house in a mere two days whilst I was busy at work.

I took a few photos last week and they have been on my list to upload ever since. Every time I sit down to blog, I seem to get distracted by yet another mundane chore. I've literally had to force myself to write this now that I have a few moments to relax.

The house itself is pretty small but there is plenty of room for just the two of us. The main idea of moving in together is so that we can start saving to buy our own. This seems like a lifetime away right now. The garden is pretty awesome, I'm just waiting for the sun to shine before I take a photo. We have two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and a kitchen/dining room (we still need to pick up the dining table).

We're still trying our best to make the living room cosy. Adam found the leather sofa and matching poof in Argos - it was a total bargain at around £600 down from £900 or so!

The kitchen was a slight nightmare. We had to go out and buy the fridge, freezer and washing machine new (not to mention the millions of utensils). We also have one of those uber annoying induction hobs which meant that we had to buy new pans that were compatible with it!

Adam (being the budding big artiste) has been busy with the canvases too...

The main bedroom is pretty small but I love how they've used the space. It has a huge fitted wardrobe with built in rails and shelves and has some awesome installed lighting.

The bathroom is pretty self explanatory. I'm just looking out for some kind of cabinet to hang cause I'm beginning to get pretty sick of seeing toiletries everywhere. The spare room also has some built in wardrobes that we are utilising but aside from that, it's pretty much used as storage for my weight bench right now.

Adam's parents have both been over and my Dad is coming up to visit on Sunday all being well. Rumour has it that Nan is accompanying him so I'm sure that will be a barrel of laughs for all involved.

The house is taking up most of my time so, other than that, I don't really have very much in the way of upcoming plans - something I'm trying my hardest to change. I refuse to become one of these people that ends up stuck in a routine - I think I'm in desperate need of a peptalk!

Saturday, 7 January 2012


New Year's Eve 2011
Pottering around the bedroom whilst I brace myself for the night's festivities, I begin to ponder New Year's resolutions and the kind of things I'd like 2012 to bring. I struggle with many; food is far from my worst enemy, I have no real vices to name, I've just managed a promotion and I seem to have everything I need. It's amazing just how depressed being comfortable can make you feel. Of course, there's always the idea of moving to my own place with Adam, away from these soul destroying houseshares that have been part of my life for the past five years - it's going to be a long year, why not aim high?

New Year's Day 2012
Stretched lifelessly across the bed, head buried deep beneath the stack of pillows, Adam's distant ramblings are lost amongst the persistant buzzing - an unwanted reminder from the night before.

"So what shall we do with the year?"

I groan. Small talk is my worst enemy, especially first thing after a night of heavy intoxication.

"Skydive? Learn to unicycle? Come third on X-Factor?"

"What about moving in together?"

I laugh, purely to give myself a few seconds to construct a witty response. He's a persistant chappy, I'll give him that much.

"Sure. You find a house, furnish it and I'm there!"

A minute's silence follows but I can tell his hopes are already sky high - I can feel the childish glee radiating from across the bed.

"You can grab me a cup of tea first though..."

Wednesday 4th January 2012
Despite my earlier joy at finally dispelling the post-Christmas boredom, the first day back at work is slow. I sit staring at my computer screen, half glancing past the monitor at my colleagues busying themselves with the daily trappings of office life. My phone rings, hurling me from deep thought. For a few seconds, I actually have to remember how to answer it.

"Are you able to come outside?"

It's Adam. I can't say it's much of a surprise, he often calls with thoughts on what to have for dinner, how many cars angered him on his way to work and other such tales of woe.

"Urm, I guess so. Why?"

Uncomfortable laugh.

"Well I have something you need to sign"

"Sign? Like what?"

Uncomfortable silence.

"For a house. Like you said ...."

Stomach drops.

"It's been three days!"