Sunday, 24 July 2011

Amy Winehouse.

On the 23rd July 2011, yet another huge talent was taken from the world in the form of Amy Winehouse.

Like most people, I can't say that I was genuinely shocked by the news, however it did hit me a lot harder than I ever thought it would - she was so hugely influential both in terms of style and the revival of British music that it's hard to comprehend that she's no longer here.

I can still remember the Christmas when, as a young teenager, her debut album was plastered all over the television here in England. I can still remember my Father commenting on how unusual it was for an artist of that particular genre to be featured on mainstream TV. I can still remember rushing out to HMV and buying a copy of 'Frank' as part of his Christmas present that year.

I wouldn't say that she was on my list of favourite artists but that is more to do with differing musical tastes rather than lack of appreciation. Her voice was phenomenal and the way in which she performed was nothing short of effortless - something which many began to forget towards the end as the surrounding media circus began to eclipse her talent.

If ever a study was needed as to the effects of fame on a troubled human being, you need look no further than Amy Winehouse.

Drug addiction has a terrible stigma attached to it and society needs to wake up and realise that the age old attitude of 'they've made their bed, they should lie in it' is not the answer. It is an illness that takes countless lives from the world year upon year and the worst part is that it really doesn't need to happen.

We are all human and only as strong as we think we are. Turning a blind-eye is not the way forward - with a bit of help and understanding, this tragic loss of life can easily be avoided.

It's just a shame that it takes such a high profile death such as Amy's for people to even begin listening.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Fez & Moomin show.

On the 13th June, after months of reading about ferrets and pining after a pet, these little guys entered my life.

The grey coloured one is Fez and the white albino is Moomin. You'd never realise from their names that they are both girls but what can I say, I'm stubborn once I have an idea in my head.

A lady at work (Caroline) mentioned a while back that her daughter was looking to get a couple of baby ferrets to replace one that had just passed away so I told her to let me know if she managed to find any for sale. It turned out that she remembered so one Monday night, I dragged Adam over to some thug's house on the outskirts of the city and bought the little critters.

I'm not going to lie - they are an absolute nightmare. The phrase 'little monsters' really doesn't cut it but that aside, they really are the cutest, goofiest animals that you could ever wish to come across. No matter how awful my day at work has been, seeing Fez and Moomin bouncing around the room and sliding along skirting boards always makes me smile. I'd just love to know where they get all their energy from.

Initially, I kept them indoors as it seemed just plain cruel to keep such tiny little animals outside but that lasted just two weeks. Plenty of people had warned me about how much ferrets can smell and they definitely weren't wrong. It isn't an awful smell - it is kind of sweet and earthy (nowhere near as bad as wet dog) but it wasn't something that I wanted lingering around the room in which I sleep. Needless to say, they are now outside - in a hutch that rivals most manor houses.

After reading a few horror stories regarding neutering ferrets too early, I've decided to wait until at least October before I take them to the vets. Having said that, judging by just how crazy and mollycoddling ferret owners appear to be on the forums, I'm going to take most of what I read with a pinch of salt. After all, they were originally bred in the darkest depths of North Yorkshire for rabbit hunting - I'm sure they're pretty tough little beasts.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pride 2011.

I've gotten into the age old habit of neglecting my blog again. Having said this, I refuse to waste any more web space on cliche 'I am still alive' posts so let's just acknowledge how crappy I am and move swiftly on. Deal?

As is typical in the ever changing life of Wayne, there have been a few interesting events to note over the past few months (this never used to be the case I assure you) - however, as I am the literary version of a marathon-running fat kid, you'll have to forgive me whilst I catch up.

Saturday 9th July was Pride weekend here in Lincoln. As this is probably one of the tiniest cities you could ever wish to come across in England, the event itself nowhere near rivals that of London or Manchester but it is still fun nonetheless and it's always fun to drag friends along that would never normally dream of attending.

Historically, Pride has always been held in the grounds of the university but this year they excelled in their choice of location - a park situated in the city's medieval quarter.  Despite a few early showers (as is typical of this damn country), it turned out to be a beautiful day and as a result, the number of attendees appeared to be a lot higher than usual - always a good sign.

Some would say that it was all down to the vocal talents of X-Factor's Rachel Adedeji. Personally, I'd thank the amazing chicken and chorizo paella.

Or beer...

Most likely the latter.