Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pride 2011.

I've gotten into the age old habit of neglecting my blog again. Having said this, I refuse to waste any more web space on cliche 'I am still alive' posts so let's just acknowledge how crappy I am and move swiftly on. Deal?

As is typical in the ever changing life of Wayne, there have been a few interesting events to note over the past few months (this never used to be the case I assure you) - however, as I am the literary version of a marathon-running fat kid, you'll have to forgive me whilst I catch up.

Saturday 9th July was Pride weekend here in Lincoln. As this is probably one of the tiniest cities you could ever wish to come across in England, the event itself nowhere near rivals that of London or Manchester but it is still fun nonetheless and it's always fun to drag friends along that would never normally dream of attending.

Historically, Pride has always been held in the grounds of the university but this year they excelled in their choice of location - a park situated in the city's medieval quarter.  Despite a few early showers (as is typical of this damn country), it turned out to be a beautiful day and as a result, the number of attendees appeared to be a lot higher than usual - always a good sign.

Some would say that it was all down to the vocal talents of X-Factor's Rachel Adedeji. Personally, I'd thank the amazing chicken and chorizo paella.

Or beer...

Most likely the latter.

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